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Kiri Hiini

Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher.


My mission is to bring understanding, happiness, peace and love into your life.


Unlike other readers and practitioners in my field, your journey doesn’t stop from the first contact, it’s a pathway that I am honoured to walk beside you and lead you to the best life you can live.

Any message I receive from your Spirit Guides, will help you implement the transformation needed or required of releasing past patterns and creating new journeys.  Depending on what service you purchase whether its guidance, psychic connection, removal of self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns, the removal of energy blocks from past lives, aura cleansing, charka balancing or mediumship, couples communication classes, Spirit will lead us to the right solution for you.

Kiri Hiini

About my journey...

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my little slice of internet connection.

My name is Kiri Hiini.

To make it short and sweet, I am a multi-faceted being who has lived a varied life. As a young child I always felt different as if I could feel everybody’s thoughts and emotions as if they were mine. I had an abusive relationship as a young adult, emotionally and physically which took me to a very low space.  I became a young single mother at the age of twenty and learnt not only how to survive but experienced my first true love….my son.  Searching for security but subconsciously attracting rejection, I married for the wrong reasons.  Facing the truth of my husband’s infidelity and my unhappiness, the connection disintegrated.  I thought this was the hardest thing but was led to my Spiritual teachers and my true self began to evolve. My Guides and Guardians surrounded me and led me on my Soul’s Journey, I am forever grateful. 


Twelve months later my husband tragically suicided, without my spiritual strength… who knows what dangerous habits or patterns I could of connected with.  Through manifestation I created my perfect partner, my undying belief and knowledge that Spirit was using me, educating me to assist others was becoming clearer.  All of my lessons have been hidden gifts which assist me with my empathic task of assisting you. I have been submerged in learning and healing. I’m not a fan of the word psychic, I like to use the word intuitive and would like to show you how we can all access our instinctive powers.  You might feel stuck and things might feel overwhelming but you have a choice even though you might not think you do.  If you are ready, ask me for guidance for I don’t believe in coincidences, your Soul lead You here…

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